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Sarah Belalia provides insurance services to individuals and small businesses looking to protect themselves and others from unforeseen challenges life throws.

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Budget-Friendly Health Insurance Plans

You’ve tried searching for affordable health insurance, cheap health insurance, reliable health coverage, and even the best health insurance for the money. 

If you are shopping for an individual health plan, you might have an idea of what you want or need from your medical coverage, but not know the exact product to search for. 

Here are the healthcare insurance plans you’re most likely to find:

⚕️Fixed-Indemnity Coverage

⚕️Short Term

⚕️ACA (Affordable Cares Act) Plans – Marketplace

⚕️Small Business – Employment Benefits


Why get life insurance?

First and foremost, to protect your family and those who depend on you for financial support. 

All life insurance will provide a payout to your beneficiaries if you pass away, but different kinds of policies can provide other benefits as well. The best way to start learning about your options is by seeing how easy it can be to get that protection.

Critical Illness

What is Critical Illness insurance?

Critical Illness insurance pays a lump sum cash benefit directly to the policyholder in the event of a severe qualifying illness.
Ask yourself :

💸 If you could not work for an extended period, could           you continue to pay your mortgage or other bills?

💸  Do you have an emergency fund for an unexpected          critical illness or serious medical condition?

If you answered “no” to these questions, you might want to consider a Critical Illness insurance plan. These plans may help shift the focus more to your recovery and less on your expenses.


Have you noticed that something is missing from your insurance? You’re not alone.

Most Medical plans leave out dental benefits. But your teeth are important. Adding dental insurance is the right move for you and your family.


Starting at $10.40 monthly

Our vision benefits let you pick the eye doctor you like and the prescription eyewear you prefer. From routine eye exams to access to discounts for vision laser surgery, we’ve framed our vision insurance plans to fit your life.

Accident & Disability

Accidents happen, but you don’t have to be unprepared.

Accident Plans start at $13.85 monthly, and pay you directly for eligible expenses associated with an accidental injury or pay a lump sum for a related accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D). 

Other plans add coverage for critical illness and hospitalization for sickness.

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“Sarah was very helpful with assistance with my claim, and I was able to receive funds to cover my extra expenses. I can also feel assured that I was placed with the right healthcare plan and coverage. Thank you!”

- Christian Forster

“Sarah is AMAZING!! Her availability to help out makes my choice so much easier. I don't have to wait 30 mins to speak to an agent because Sarah is always there to assist me personally with my policy."

- Toria Mitchell

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